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Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Course
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Saturday, August 14, 2021

How to include modules and Java Options in WLST Shell?

In recent developments in the Python impacting WLST Shell as well. Sometimes you need a module that is available for Python in your WLST, some time you might need some JAVA_OPTIONS must be included before the WLST shell is launched.

Here I will walk you through some scenarios where you need to customize.
  1. When there is customization in WebLogic domains such as Oracle Utilities products uses the SSL enable communication for their AdminServer - Managed servers
  2. WLST shell using a connection to AdminServer with t3s protocol
  3. WebLogic domain for Oracle Data Integrator uses WLST when a managed server used to stop with '' or even AdminServer using '' script calls WLST scripts to stop and when there is SSL enabled for the security purpose then WLST shell interaction requires SSL configuration details

How to include the Python module in WLST?

This could be a common requirement when automation scripts needs multiple Python modules into their WLST Shell.

Better you can add to your profile script. I've added the following lines to the .bashrc profile script.
alias wlst="$WL_HOME/../oracle_common/common/bin/"
export CONFIG_JVM_ARGS=" \ \ \ \"

Note here if you are using Demo certificates then you can use the above. But if you have custom certificates then you need to provide Custom Certificates location. 

How you can tune or optimize your WLST Shell launching time?

In your .bashrc or bash_profile you can include the following environment variable which will boost-up or speed up your JVM launching time.

Configuring FMW domains we expected more with CONFIG_JVM_ARG

This will enable the option in the configuration type screen to create a new compact SOA/OSB domain or any FMW 12+ domain. Without FMW Domain creation will not show the Embedded Database option for Database configuration type in the Wizard.

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