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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WLST Offline vs WLST Online

Working with WLST we have two different sections of commands available they are defined as: Offline, Online mode.

WLST Offline: The WLST offline configuration commands analogous to the Configuration Wizard. You just need to know the navigation on the configuration MBean trees, modify the MBean attribute values. Internally this WLST offline commands works on WebLogic domain Configuration Framework, the Configuration Wizard also uses it.
Consistent results when using either tool read and write access to the configuration data that is persisted in the domain’s config directory or in a domain template JAR
These WLST offline commands intended to create a domain or modify a non-running domain. Used during WLS install to create samples domains

WLST Online: The WLST online commands are analogous to the Administration Console changes after connecting to admin server. WLST Online mode is a Java Management Extension (JMX) client it allow you to interact with in-memory runtime Management Beans (MBeans). In the online administrator intended use the runtime management tools: configuration,
management, deployment, monitoring.
When you use connect() command at offline it will transfer your prompt to ServerConfig that indicates online command mode. Where the commands will execute directly on running/ active resources.
The following table shows the major differences between
Offline, Online commands:

WLST Offline

WLST Online

1.WLST Offline commands can do:

a) Create/modify domain templates

b) Create domains

c) Extend an existing domains by access and modify the configuration for
an offline domain

2. WLST Offline mode commands can’t do:

a) View runtime performance data

b) Modify security data

1. WLST Online commands can do:

a) Change configuration when servers are in RUNNING state

b) View runtime data for monitoring various runtime MBeans performances

c) Deploy applications targeting to Servers or clusters

d) Start and stop servers or cluster members.

2. WLST Online commands can’t do the following:

a) Create a new domain (must be offline mode) you can only update an
existing domain configuration.

3. Default interactive mode will be in offline mode

3. The offline connect() command changes to online, disconnect() command
used to come back to offline. Mostly script mode is useful.

4. Configuring resources like JDBC, JMS can be assigned with assign()
command to targets.

4. Configuring resources required set command with Targets as argument and
committing the changes with save(), activate() commands.

5. The Offline commands are executed faster

5. Online commands are slower because they have to interact with live objects.

Earlier this table was big aquard to look now it reshaped with proper wraper, that overcome blogger table blanks issue.

Hope this table helped you!! Keep writing your feedback comments!!


  1. Hi Bhavani,

    This is very useful in learning WLST.


  2. Hi,

    From WLST Offline i am not able to configure some domain properties like
    serverlog path, jdbcconnectiopool properties ..etc.

    From WLST Online i am able to see the same. Could you please let me know what is the problem/ what i miss.


  3. @Srinivas,

    Can you please share your script lines and respective Error/Exceptions, So that you get detail help on issue... :)

  4. I think Time is an important factor. WLST offline in quicker whereas WLST Online takes longer.

  5. That's true. Good point to add I will update it :)

  6. Hi Pawan very useful info..i was trying to play around with WLST offline and now stuck on a specific issue. I somehow cannot set the VersionIdentifier option( for side-by-side deployment) using WLST offline. I can see that as a listed valid option when i read the domain and does an "ls" on my application object. Do you have some clue here? Or am i trying something completely stupid? Iam quite novice in this area

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