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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Switching from WLST edit tree

An online buddy pinged me today and asking 'Urgent!! I am in WLST edit session, I want to come out I don't know how to do that'. I asked did you done the modifications to the configuration?. He said 'yep! I want regular prompt from this edit!>'. I asked to try save(), activate() he said it don't works!!

While working on edit tree you might gone some where and your remote connection got disconnected, re-entering to the edit session you can use startEdit().

Oh.. ohh what else we can do? I had a thought he might want to navigate from edit tree to some other mbean tree. I asked him to try ' serverConfig() '. He is happily said it Works!!

Best alternate is  using currentTree(), This command enables you to store the current location in the hierarchy and easily return to it after browsing.

wls:/testdomain/edit> loc=currentTree()
wls:/testdomain/edit> serverRuntime()
Location changed to serverRuntime tree. This is a read-only tree with
ServerRuntimeMBean as the root.
For more help, use help('serverRuntime')
wls:/testdomain/serverRuntime> loc()

What is learning here?
WLST is having various options for MBeans traversals. Basic differences I understand are:
1. Read-only tree
2. Editable tree

Read only trees
once you connected to the WebLogic domain first you are in the serverConfig tree it is a read-only tree. Similarly you can navigate on the such read-only trees serverRuntime, domainRuntime,

To save the changes which you made on the current configuration save(). After saving you can continue the changes to the configuration. You make the changes permanent by activate() the configuration. When something configured wrong on your interactive WLST session you can use say UNDO for your settings by cancelEdit('y'). It is like clicking on WebLogic administration console at the change control 'Undo All changes' button.



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