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Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration Course
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Multitenancy in WebLogic 12c Part -3: Create Virtual target for the Partition Domain

Create Virtual target for the Partition Domain

Welcome back to the series of Multitenancy experiments with WLST.

  1. Configure Security Realm
  2. Create Users & Groups for Partition domain
  3. Configure Virtual Target

In this sample virtual target is targeted to the admin server, you can also target to cluster. The uri prefix is /corporate This is the url prefix used for making JMX connections to  MBeanServer.

In this example you could find the re-usability of the functions easy to call them!

def create_VirtualTarget(vt_name, uriPrefix, serverName):
        This method is developed for create Virtual Targets
        based on three arguments Virtual Target Name, URI prefix and actual physical target
        vt = cmo.createVirtualTarget(vt_name)
        as = cmo.lookupServer(serverName)

def main():
        create_VirtualTarget("Corporate_vt", "/corporate","tr_admin")
        create_VirtualTarget("Online_vt", "/online","tr_admin")


Execute it with the following way!

Execution of WLST Script for create Virtual Targets for partition domain 

On the WebLogic Admin Console you could select the domain structure expand "Environment" branch. You can select Virtual Target on the tree.

domain Structure with Virtual Target
On the work area you could see following screen :

WebLogic 12.2.1 Virtual Target configuration WLST
Virtual Target configuration using WLST

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